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See what other people are saying about our Kings Hill apartments! At Kings Hill Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


This is a great apartment complex! I lived here for the last 3 years and my wife had lived there for almost 8. They maybe older apartments but the owners have done an amazing job updating them. The view is absolutely amazing! We had a western view and saw the most amazing sunsets. The staff is extremely nice and friendly. Maintenance was handled in a timely manner. The apartment is on the top of a hill so there is no through traffic. You usually only see people that live there or visiting those that live there. It is so much more quiet! Close enough for daily commute to Fort Bliss as well! Great Dog friendly apartment complex. They have a great small dog park on the property. I highly suggest this apartment complex if you are looking for an affordable place on the west side with a great view!


Great place to live! If you’re looking for a quiet, drama free place with great neighbors and views this is it. Property managers and maintenance are the best! Everything at this property ( laundry, pools, common areas) are well kept. Easy move in and exit w/o the usual apt. Nonsense . I would live there again in a heartbeat. Thank you KH!




Was an absolute pleasure to live here for the last 7 months of my time in El Paso. For the price I paid and the speed in which they took care of all my maintenance needs I would absolutely live here again if I ever move back. Other tenants are very nice, laundry facilities are always taken care of. Never used the pools but they look great. Not to mention the views (which was the main selling point for me). Definitely the most reasonably priced apartments in the city and I already miss calling it home. Thanks everyone in the staff for remembering my name when I came into the office and humoring my few weekly calls!



Lovely neighbourhood!


Great experience, property managers are gentle and very helpful great place to live



Lived here for nearly five years, just left to move across the country. My apartment itself was nothing fancy, but quite spacious and perfectly nice for the price and it was a great price while I lived there as a graduate student on a pretty low income. The location was really hard to beat for my brief commute to UTEP, which was definitely a plus; if you're gonna be doing most of your work and errands in West El Paso, traffic will rarely be an issue and you won't need to get on I-10 very much at all. My rent also included my wifi, cable, and the cable version of HBO, which made all that very easy to set up and I enjoyed watching NFL games on TV hassle-free over the last few years. Where Kings Hill really shines is the management: they are very tenant-minded. In five years they never increased my rent, and while I doubt that's the standard for everyone/every year (I was scheduled to have a modest rent increase if I had been planning to renew for a sixth year), they definitely go out of their way to keep your rent from rising much if possible. The owners have also been actively upgrading virtually all of the amenities over the last few years, including the pools, laundry facilities, a new small dog park, etc. Karla and the team in the front office could always recognize me and address me by name (which always impressed me, even more so if they know every tenant by their face), and they were always very prompt to address maintenance requests. Finally, after five years of living there, they actually sent me more than half of my original security deposit even though I'd had to leave in a hurry (moving cross-country is a lot to coordinate) and hadn't been able to handle their cleaning requests before I left. I've had plenty of friends renting in other places either get scalped with rent increases or get essentially ignored for pretty serious maintenance concerns, but Kings Hill was always very good to me on every front. I recommend them highly, but from what I've heard, they're already in pretty high demand and tend to fill up. Get a spot if you can!

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